LRC Label „you deserve to dream“

CHF 7,90

Ein Päckchen mit 6 individuellen Labels, beidseitig bedruckt!

Aufdruck „You Reserve to dream“ in Regenbogenfarben auf blauem Hintergrund.

Grösse: 2.5cm/2.5cm

Made in the UK

Pack of 6 woven labels

I love this label – ‚YOU DESERVE TO DREAM‘ is woven in colourful letters on to a white cloud in a night sky. Such a great message for all ages!

This label is designed with a centre fold and can be sewn in to a garment, bag, craft project or quilt. Ideally this style of label would be sewn into a seam, neckband or facing but can also be top stitched along the top and worn on the outside of a garment.


Labels measure 2.5cm/2.5cm folded and 5cm/2.5cm unfolded

Colours: Blue (197), pink (728), green (821),  yellow (416), red (), white (800) and navy (309)

(Please note: we have referenced Gutermann polyester sew all thread as a colour guide and provided the best possible match)

Made in the UK. Packaged and quality checked in Scotland


Our new packaging is made from recyclable card with a clear biodegradable window, which is then sealed with a clear biodegradable sticker. Please remove the clear disc and window and check locally how this should be disposed of in your local area. The card is widely recycled.

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